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Therapeutic Massage

Sweet Home Massage brings massage therapy to you in the convenience of your home sweet home. Great for people who find it a struggle to get out of their homes because of physical restrictions, elderly parents in assisted living/nursing homes, or just for the simple convenience of having massage therapy brought to you. Improve office morale! Show employees they are appreciated! Research shows that massage increases productivity.

Our clients run the gamut from professional athletes, cancer survivors, moms-to-be, to corporate and weekend warriors.  

During your first visit, a short medical history will be taken, although the massage therapist is not licensed to make a medical diagnosis.  This information will assist the therapist in determining what techniques to use and how to structure the session.
The table, sheets, and oil/cream will be brought to the convenience of your home sweet home. Please turn the temperature higher than usual before the appointment so that you will be comfortable.
You will be asked to disrobe partially or completely, in private, and a sheet will be on the table to drape over your entire body.  The table will have a special face-rest, which allows you to lie face-down without turning your head or neck. If you are pregnant, a specialty table will be provided so that you may lie on your stomach during the massage.
You may request a full body massage or a massage that concentrates on a particularly painful or tight area.  It is encouraged to let the therapist know, at anytime, if the massage pressure is too much or too little.  Sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes in length.
The number of visits may vary widely.  If you are using massage for stress relief, you may want to visit a therapist as often as once a week.  For acute injuries, the number of treatments will depend on the nature of your condition. 


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